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MERIT activity to continue, despite end of NHS England funding

The activity begun by the MERIT Vanguard programme will continue, despite reaching the end of its central funding from the Department of Health.

Posted by: on: Friday 6th April 2018 at 11:00

Central funding for the MERIT Vanguard programme came to an end in March 2018, but the work will continue. Following agreement from the Steering Group, made up of the most senior clinicians and managers in the partner organisations, the project team will be working on five key areas over the coming months:

  • Further development of the MERIT Bed Finder, which allows bed managers in the partner trusts to see the status of each other’s beds.
  • Adding further data to our innovative Electronic Health Record Viewer, so that clinicians have more background on those service users who are seen outside their ‘home’ trust.
  • Developing our Crisis Care website to make it a standalone product.
  • Expanding our Staff Training Passport, which allows staff to transfer more easily between jobs in different organisations, and associated work on the skills staff need to work in mental health roles.
  • Working with our partners to offer Mental Health First Aid training across the West Midlands.

Shakeel Sabir, head of the MERIT programme, said:

“We are excited to be asked to continue our work, and we look forward to further developing the innovative projects we have brought so far to the West Midlands.

“Our work began as a regional response to some high-profile incidents, where the care we provided could perhaps have been better. We must always remember that people who don’t work in the NHS don’t see boundaries between different trusts, they just see the NHS. That’s why it’s vital that we continue to work together.”

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