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MERIT training passport is launched

​NHS staff transferring between the MERIT employers will find it quicker and simpler to make the move, following the launch of the MERIT Training Passport.

Posted by: on: Thursday 19th October 2017 at 16:30

Securing that new job is great. You are keen, just raring to go.You’re desperate to get onto the ward or out into the community. You want to start providing the great care you’d want for someone in your own family. You say your goodbyes to your team. And then… you realise that you have to repeat all that statutory and mandatory training you did a few months ago.

The MERIT Training Passport will mean that, when moving between MERIT partner Trusts, you can take much of your training record with you. By removing the need to repeat the statutory and mandatory training you may have completed fairly recently, you can move more quickly to your new role. This agreement does not apply to all your statutory and mandatory training, as there are some subjects that are bespoke to the Trust you may be appointed too, but most people transferring between Trusts will notice a difference.

It's not a real passport, and you can’t use it to travel abroad, but the MERIT Training Passport could help you make a swift journey to a new employer!

Your training record will be requested electronically via ESR at the point of offer and, after an assessment by the relevant training officer, you will be advised about the areas that count towards your statutory and mandatory training. Most people will then have a shorter list of training topics they need to complete before they can start in their new role.

Julia Cross, project lead for the MERIT Workforce workstream, said:

“We know that it’s frustrating to get that new job, only to find that maybe you can’t start in post and have to repeat training or attend extra classroom sessions when you have already been assessed. The majority of colleagues will find that the MERIT Training Passport will make it easier and quicker to transfer from one MERIT Trust to another.”

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