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Forensic Services - Ardenleigh

The service provides a highly supervised and structured environment for the care and treatment of women in conditions of medium secure care. All the women are detained under the Mental Health Act and have a history of actual or potential harm to other people. In addition a high proportion of women have a history of self-harm and arson.

Who uses our services?

The service is provided to service users within the West Midlands region, and accepts referrals of female service users with severe and enduring mental illness and personality disorder who require rehabilitation in a highly supervised and structured medium-secure setting.

How do we help?

The service provides:
* Assessment, care planning and outcome measurement
* Crisis management
* Multidisciplinary intervention
* Community-based therapeutic activity
* Occupational therapy
* Pharmacy
* Physical health assessment and interventions
* Psychiatry
* Psychological therapies
* Screening, assessment and intervention for substance use
* Risk management and interventions to treat offending behaviour
* Real work opportunities and vocational education from First Step Trust
* Contribution to the shared care pathway
* Collaborative care underpinned by the recovery principles
* 24 hour nursing care
The overarching outcome is that service users follow their care pathway and whenever possible are discharged to conditions of lower security.

How to access our services:
Service users are referred from a variety of sources. These include clinical teams within the wider provider network, other secure facilities and those in the independent sector.

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