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Forensic Services - Hillis Lodge

Hillis Lodge is a male low secure forensic providing assessment, treatment and rehabilitation to service users with severe mental health problems who have committed a criminal offence or who have displaced seriously aggressive or threatening behaviour.

Who uses our services?

How do we help?

The service provides:
* Assessment, care planning and outcome measurement
* Crisis management
* Multidisciplinary intervention
* Community based therapeutic activity
* Occupational therapy
* Pharmacy
* Physical health assessment and interventions
* Psychiatry
* Psychological therapies
* Screening, assessment and intervention for substance use

How to access our services:

The service accepts referrals of male service users with severe and enduring mental illness who require rehabilitation in a highly supervised and structured low secure setting. As this service is an integral part of the pathway through the levels of security, service users will have previously been placed in conditions of higher or an equivalent level of security.

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